YOU S3 | Netflix

This show. I really can't decide if I'm embarrassed about how fast I binged those first two seasons when they came out. What a weirdly delicious little piece of TV. Like, I know, I know he's a psycho...LITERALLY, that's the whole point. So, why am I rooting for him?! Why do I find myself rooting for this relationship to work out?!

Self-analysis aside, yes there are moments when you can't believe what stupid moves the characters are making. But there are lots of little twists - and even a bigger twist or two that made me say... whoa. Even though I'd read the book (eons ago) I got surprised by a few turns of events in both seasons.

And the casting... I think the casting of Penn Badgley is just integral to the show. I think there are very few actors who could invoke empathetic emotions for such a seriously deranged and dark character.

I don't want to spoil anything but I am really interested to see how Season 3 turns out after that huge plot twist at the end of Season 2...

Season 3 drops October 15 on Netlix, who will be watching?

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