When do you give up on a book you don't love?

When do you give up on a book? So many recent books I've read have not gripped me from the first page. But I will press on in most cases for different reasons, sometimes I've loved previous books by the author and sometimes I've seen hype surrounding the book.

I use the Libby app to read books on my Kobo and so I don't usually have the luxury of putting a book aside and coming back to it. You get 3 weeks on a loan, which you can renew only if no one else is waiting for it. I like contemporary and popular books for the most part so my books are usually mine for 3 short weeks.

It takes on average a week to read a book for me, sometimes a day or two if it's riveting and nothing else is going on (let's face it, I've been reading a lot lately...). And then I'll have other books in the queue that have deadlines tick tocking away. I know once I start daydreaming about the other books that it's time to give up on my current book.

When I was younger I really used to push through. I hated the thought of a book neglected. I had FOMO especially around popular books - what if I'm missing something MAJOR?! I think this feeling started when really age-inappropriate books started circulating. In Grades 7 and 8, books like the VC Andrews Flowers in the Attic series and even younger, Stephen King novels. Those weren't written for 12 year olds so they took a little while to struggle through the beginning and find your groove. And we were rewarded with great stories and the playground street cred with how many books we'd read if we could just get past the first few chapters of these 600+ page books.

These days I just can't spend time on something that's not bringing me pleasure or street cred. And we have these amazing social networks and book reviews at our fingertips, where people can let us know whether we should push through or jump ship.

Life is too short to read boring books, my friends. Skip to the last chapter, find out whodunit, and move on.

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