The Undoing

Just wrapped this up on Crave. It's kind of novel these days to be watching a show that comes out with a new episode weekly rather than binge it all at once or finish the whole thing within a week.

I have to get this out of the way. As a 90s kid, it is kind of hard to see Hugh Grant looking positively ancient. And I know there's been a lot of internet discussion on the state of Nicole Kidman's face, but I think whatever she's doing is working. Unless you're looking at a side-by-side, her face looks fairly natural and she has a good range of expression.

What I DON'T buy is that these two are young enough to meet the timeline in the show. I believe she says they were together 17 years after meeting at Harvard. ANYWAY, I hate discussion about people's looks, but it was slightly distracting to me given the theatric facial expressions that are the nature of Hugh Grant's acting. Wait one more thing about looks, my god was anyone distracted by Donald Sutherland's eyebrows?! Okay promise to be a better person now.


I liked the slow burn of this short series. I think more series like this should end in just 6 episodes. It gives a nice extended timeline and wraps it up before you get sick of it. I usually prefer shows to be about 45 minutes (mama likes to rest her eyes at night) and these episodes clocked in about 1:05, but I never felt like they were dragging on.

Was anyone else disappointed in the ending? I thought there might be a twist. Maybe it was the dad! Oh wait it was the kid! DEEEP! No no, it was 100% Nicole Kidman. Wait was it the friend?! Husband? SON?!

Of course it was Hugh Grant's character. He played his part to perfection. The charming but evil rich guy we loved to hate in Bridget Jones' Diary (I said I was a 90s kid right?). The glimpses of his narcissistic personality were quite delicious. I'm not sure we needed that dramatic ending and anywhere a child is involved I get shaking angry and upset. I would have probably changed my opinion of the show if he had actually jumped off in front of his son. But of course, he is a coward, so the ending felt suited.

Nicole Kidman, aside from being stunning and oh, that wardrobe (talk about excellent coats on irritated women). I loved the way she played this cunning character and her relationship with Henry.

Henry, oh Henry. The actor who plays 12 year old Henry, Noah Jupe, caught my heart in Wonder. Not sure if it's his curly hair, big expressive eyes and cute little nose or just that he's the same age but he reminds me of my own 12 year old. He is such a great actor and had my heart the whole time. I was seriously dying in the final scenes. "Just let him out of the car, just let him out of the car." (PS, he will always be "Jack Will" in my mind.)

Overall this was a great little series, it is based on the book You Should Have Known which I have previously taken out of the library quite a few years back but could never get into.

The Undoing is on CRAVE and all 6 episodes are now available.

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