The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant is a 2018 book by Chris Bohjalian and a 2020 miniseries on HBO Max (watch in Canada on CRAVE TV). i read this book back in the summer, so by the time the series came around, I had forgotten enough of the book to catch every single deviation from the original. First up, Kaley Cuoco was not how I pictured Cassie. I pictured Cassie as this demure, quiet smokeshow... even though she is definitely a partier in the book. More of a Blake Lively than a Kaley. Kaley has a very expressive face, and it was almost distracting at times to watch her act through her eyebrows. I got over that fairly quickly and I think she nailed the role as they evolved it for the series.

There is some absolute weirdness around it, I'm always curious how filmmakers address the inner conversation of a book told in the first person. And this one's a doozy. The mechanism they use for her inner dialogue is super interesting - my natural instinct is to be rooting for "them" and wanting a love connection, but it's truly all in her head. (I could also do without all the blood, but it makes the point.)

Some of the relationships are changed and I am obsessed with the perfection of Annie's character (Ani?). Her style, her demeanour and her relationship with the seemingly flakey Cassie was compelling to watch. I also appreciated the switch from sister to brother in the series adding the the additional layer of the brother-dad relationship. Not to mention that we need more T.R. Knight on TV.

In the end Cassie/Kaley's frenetic energy really works for the series and gave me a new perspective on Cassie (truth be told, she was a little boring in the book and I had to push through the last 1/4 of the book). I recognize that the series differed quite a bit from the book but I found the series more entertaining.

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