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Another summer of "stay home, save lives". Or maybe just a summer of "I'm old and want to be in bed by 9PM". Either way, I spent a lot of time on Netflix, Crave, and Prime Video. I even dabbled in Apple TV. (I still haven't found much useful on Disney+ - change my mind?)

Here's what I watched and loved this summer:

Big Brother: Guys, I've been watching BB since day 1. BB always means summer is actually here when it premieres in July! I'm an OG fan: Eddie, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Danielle, Rachel, I love it all. Last summer was a snoozefest even with the return of Janelle and Kaysar - but I watched the whole season! This season, I got through maybe two episodes before I abandoned ship. The great thing about 3 eps a week is that you always have something to watch. The bad thing about 3 eps a week is that you get behind really fast. I can't believe I gave it up after literally 20 years. AND I heard it was a great season! I just had to address this before discussing anything about summer television.

Flack: Well, you know I love this show about smart, complex women. Full review here. Watch it on Prime Video.

Mr. Mercedes: One name - Stephen King. Of course I read all his 700-page books as a kid, as you do when you're twelve years old with nothing better to do. I generally enjoy his series (with some exceptions), and this one was pretty good. There are 3 seasons in this series and I liked the first one the best - I won't get into specifics because of spoilers, but the turn the series took in season 2 & 3 were not my favourite, but still pretty good TV. You can see all three seasons on Prime Video.

White Lotus: One of this summer's darling shows, I enjoyed it too. This show season satirized and touched on of themes of privilege, class and humanity but with little resolution, leaving me somewhat unsatisfied. These characters saw no growth, no self-reflection, and no redemption. But it was so compelling to watch, thanks to the highly talented cast - including Jennifer Coolidge and the amazing Natasha Rothwell who cracks me up on Insecure. Overall I think Armand (Murray Bartlett) carried the show. Shout out to anyone who has worked in customer service, ever, here's a master class in how to appear to have your shit together. (Little piece of dopamine for you here!) Season 2 has been confirmed with a whole different cast and location.

He's All That: Yeaaaaaaaaah. So the original, She's All That, is actually (of course) pretty cringe with a problematic overall plot. But that scene, you know the one, coming down the stairs, oh that's the good stuff guys... that shit is IMPRINTED on my SOUL. So let's just say this isn't a movie that needed to be remade (and of course, it's a remake of something earlier and overall a take on Pygmalion, so the theme probably will never go away). However, Addison Rae and the kid from Cobra Kai have some decent appeal, and if you can suspend your belief and stand the cheese factor, it's actually a cute l'il piece of entertainment. (I find it a bit of a stretch to imagine that a) THAT is the "biggest loser in school" (the makeover was like - a bang trim) and that b) this "I-hate-people" introvert teen would have enough empathy to jump on stage and karaoke Katy Perry. But like I said, it's a cheesy movie, and it's less harmful than the original. So give it a go if you have a tween to watch it with. Netflix.

Clickbait: Loved this twisty, multiple-perspective thriller on Netflix. Telling the story from a different character's view each time gave everyone a bit of depth and insight. I can't say too much for spoilers, but I definitely did not see any of the twists coming. The final twist was a shocker.

Grace & Frankie on Netflix: Wait, there's a new season?! I thought last season was the final season! Oh great, here's 4 new episodes! Thank you Netflix... can't wait to see the rest! Well you're going to have to wait, until 2022. JUDAS NO

I mean, I could probably go on here, but perhaps a monthly round-up instead. Stay tuned and tell me what I'm not watching but need to!

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