Staying safe... secretly

Living in BC in the fall and winter means one thing: grey, dreary darkness. My kids cross a busy street to go to school and there are no sidewalks around our house. When I go for a walk or run in the early morning I wear a super cool and trendy safety vest. ("okay boomer" was the comment I got the first time my kids caught me in it.)

Clearly, safety is NOT the top priority when it comes to tweens. So I set to Amazon to find some reflectors that I could sneak onto them.

These come in a 2 pack and this is a decent amount of reflectors. I was skeptical of the actual reflection. These are black and totally indistinguishable when you stick them on the backpack/scooter, you can put them on your stroller if you yourself are out and about walking.

When any light shines on these whether from a car headlight or the streetlight angle, they go totally silver/reflective. I am super impressed with these. The adhesive level is great - I usually throw my kids backpacks through the wash whenever we have a long weekend or pro-d day because um, tweens, I don't think they would completely stay on through the wash but they have stayed on for about 6 weeks with no peeling.

Here's what they look like with no flash and then with flash to show you the reflection level:

I have a couple on the back and then one on the straps so they can be seen from the front. Other places that are great and they will probably stick longer to are the helmets, scooter and bike. If my kids ever wore a freakin' jacket I might stick it on there too.

Highly recommend this solution. There's currently a $3 coupon on Amazon (link in the photo above), so this is a really good deal for some extra piece of mind. No, I don't get any kickbacks just sharing a good Amazon find!

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