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So I proposed a scary movie marathon with my 13 year old.

"Let's do Hallowe'en," I said. I heard there was a couple new ones coming out so let's get caught up!" Not so fast. There are literally ELEVEN Hallowe'en movies, and they don't exactly go in a nice and tidy order like some of our other favourite franchises. I had to spend a good chunk of time deciphering what I would have to watch, that would make sense for me to next watch the Hallowe'en Kills movie coming out October 15. Some of these Hallowe'en movies are remakes, some ignore certain facts and timelines and entire movies (did you know that this is called "retcon"? Now you do.) and one even has nothing to do with Michael Myers.

So in the end, we decided to watch the most recent remake and the first in this trilogy: Hallowe'en (2018). They drew a decent cast, most importantly Jamie Lee Curtis, of course. This film starts off 40 years after the 1978 original (which I declined to watch, because frankly I can watch only one movie before I fall asleep). Judy Greer (aka every mainstream main character's quirky best friend) plays her estranged daughter.

I enjoyed the pacing and the tension of this movie, a little backstory, some nods to the original movie, and some really great battle scenes in the end. There was definitely a good amount of gore. But what I'm really missing is a story for Michael Myers. There was a storyline in the sequels that he was related to Jamie Lee Curtis' character. GIVE ME SOME DEPTH. But our true horror aficionados prefer a killer with no reasoning, no emotion, just pure evil. Now that's terrifying: he's not killing you because he hates you, pleading won't work, he's just a superhuman killing machine. And superhuman he is, and I need a reason for that as well. I also thought at one point they'd give us what we want and SHOW US HIS FACE.

Given that we know that there are two more movies coming out, we already know that even if they beat Michael in the end (I'll never tell) ... he's coming back somehow, some way, that may or may not be explained.

Lastly I have to mention that even though I'm a big girl and these movies are sooooo silly... I definitely had the creeps as I had to go out in the dark to pick up a kid after watching it. THEY UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT. (Sorry, so fitting, had to do it).

You can watch Hallowe'en on Netflix, and Hallowe'en Kills will be in theatres Oct.15. Here's a look at the next installment of Hallowe'een, which looks like it will begin directly from the end of the first movie:

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