Reboots. Just WHY are they necessary?! Have we ultimately just run out of ideas? Or do the powers that be decide... let's make a little more money off nostalgia and see who comes back to watch all over again. Reboots sometimes seem downright SACRILIGEOUS, but once I've given them a watch, I've actually never met a reboot I didn't love almost as much as the gosh darn original. Here are some of my recent, cheesy 80s/90s favourites:

Fuller House: This one doesn't deviate from the original. Plenty of corny, cheesy jokes. But it fills avoid that seems to be missing lately: average, mediocre sitcoms you can watch with your family of all ages, whether it's your kids or Grandma. The show is so vanilla that no one will be offended, it won't prompt any big questions, and you can easily catch all the lame jokes. My expectations were pretty low for this one and so it delivered as an easy watch. The kid actors in this one are great, just as the original kids were. I mean I could do with a little more Uncle Jesse, but overall it's a decent watch and not a massacre of the original

Punky Brewster: I was OBSESSED with PB when I was a kid. I dressed like Punky a few years in a row at Hallowe'en, and I even had a dog named Brandon. I will never hide in an abandoned appliance due to the Very Special Episode where a child almost DIED when they got locked in. I basically imagined that Punky was just one of my besties. Now that bestie and I are in our 40s, I was kind of excited to see how "Punky" had grown up and to be able to share the show with my own daughter.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one, I mean it is pretty corny still but Soleil Moon Frye is just as goddamn charming and adorable as ever and with original bestie Cherie, Freddie Prinze Jr. as the soon-to-be-ex, a cast of adorable kids and that gorgeous apartment, this one is an easy watch. My 10 year old deemed it "cringey" to start but I noticed wasn't offering too many complaints about watching the whole thing. Hopefully this one comes back for Season 2!

Saved by the Bell: Okay we all watched this on Saturday mornings, and I highly recommend watching the Zach Morris is Trash series on YouTube for a funny and tragic examination of the 80's teen heart throb. Spoiler alert, Zach Morris is STILL trash. In today's series, he is the governor of California and has made some sketchy decisions resulting in closing schools - giving us the "culture clash" of having a socio-economically diverse group of kids bussed into Bayside.

This reboot TOTALLY worked for me. It makes fun of itself, it's clever and relevant. While we have a few moments with Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski, more regular screen time is given to Jessie Spano and AC Slater as they of course, work at the school. However, the real stars here are the "new" generation of kids, including Zach's son Mac Morris (of course), Jessie's son Jamie, the charismatic Josie Totah (you may remember from the under-rated Champions), and a cast of others that make this show easy to watch.

The show's first season has a number of progressive plotlines that were well done. It's witty, stylish and might even get you right in the feels. Add a little will-they-or-won't-they among both the students and our old friends from the 90s and you've got a sweet little show here that was easy to binge with the kids.

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