Pumpkin Spice viewing: What's coming to Netflix this fall

There's something about fall and the prospect of warm drinks, cozy pillows and NEW TV that has been a theme since I was younger. Of course back then it was wondering what was going to be on NBC's Thursday night lineup, now it's wondering what is going to be the new Birdbox or Stranger Things on Netflix. And of course, with October coming we'll need something spooky to watch, too.

Here's what I'm looking forward to this fall:

The Starling: I don't even care what this movie is about, I love Melissa McCarthy with all my heart and to see her in a starring role makes me feel the tiniest bit good about the world. And whoops who's playing opposite? Chris O'Dowd, the adorably quirky fella who captured Kirsten Wiig's heart in Bridemaids. September 24 on Netflix.

Nightbooks: It's time to get ya spook on friends. This one looks awesome to watch with my kids, now that only 1/3 of them is little enough to sneak into my bed. It's rated PG, so it shouldn't be too scary and it looks fun. I also really love Krysten Ritter, from one of my favourite long-gone sitcoms, Don't Trust The B**** in Apartment 23. Nightbooks is on Netflix September 15.

Midnight Mass: More spooky shizz coming your way with this "limited series" from the creators of The Haunting of Hill House. Honestly I never really got into that one, so I have higher hopes for this one, starring Hamish Linklater who is really good at playing creepy. While I will always think of him as the brother from The New Adventures of Old Christine, he did a bone chilling turn recently in Tell Me Your Secrets - I can't wait to see his creepy priest in this one. Late September on Netflix.

The Guilty: JAKE GYLLENHAAL. Welcome back my friend. I am ready to watch another Jake Gyllenhaal movie after being outraged by the ending of the movie Enemy. Did anyone else see that? The movie that acted as a thriller/suspense film but at the end plopped down an ending that made zero sense, and I'm not talking about some kind of twist, just literally a WTF is happening and why did I waste 2 hours on this shit. Jake, you did me dirty but I'm ready to give you another chance. But I digress (as usual). He plays a 911 operator in a suspenseful situation, October 1 on Netflix.

The Beach Bum: Starring the ultimate beach bum, Matthew McConaughey. This one is described as a "stoner comedy", so my expectations remain fairly low. Also in the movie are Snoop Dogg (of course), Isla Fischer, and my bestie Zac Efron (once you've watched Down to Earth you'll feel that Zac is a BFF. Trust me.) So we'll give it a go, although I wish it had been released in the summer. Netflix, September 26.

Later this year some real gems are going to drop, first up will be Red Notice. This one pits Dwayne The Rock Johnson (YES THE ROCK) as an FBI profiler against Ryan Reynolds (AYO) and Gal Gadot (yeah, Wonder Woman). Talk about a beautiful movie, sure to be an entertainer. Watch this one on November 12.

Last in this round-up, a sneak peek to December ... Don't Look Up. I mean Leo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence should be enough to clinch it but we've also got Ariana Grande, Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep, and Cate Blanchett in this one, which will be on everyone's Christmas break viewing list as it drops Dec. 24.

Add these reminders to your coming soon list and watch for my reviews. Let me know if I missed any gooders you're looking forward to.

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