Jingle Jangle, Christmas is here

Yeah, I know it's 2020 and we are throwing out all the rules and starting Christmas and holiday spirit whenever we damn feel like it. But it just doesn't feel right to be starting the day after Hallowe'en for me so I've been putting off full Christmas mode.

Netflix obviously has different ideas. Every movie coming at us is full of glitter, hope and festive good spirit, so we decided to just start wading through the holiday content starting... Now! Reviewers include mom, dad and 9 year old.

First up, Operation Christmas Drop. It was described as a comedy, and had some kind of military component to interest Dad. ("Hey, that's that guy from Vikings.") And the woman is some kind of political aide (which interests me).

Unfortunately this was a snoozefest. No comedy to be found, sorry. I mean I know Christmas movies like this are meant to be predictable but there was just so much cringe, awkward acting, lack of chemistry and any actual comedy...we shut it off about 28 minutes in. Rated G, so if you can sit through it, it should be fairly family-friendly! Oh, and there is a cute CGI gecko.

Next up: Jingle Jangle. Okay, NOW we are talking. Within the first few minutes Phylicia Rashad comes out doing her thing looking all majestic and whatnot, and we're captivated. (Side note, just realized right now that Mrs. Huxtable's name is... actually Felicia spelled differently. Huh.)

The first musical number gave me The Greatest Showman vibes (yes, that's a good thing). Yes, I guess it's a musical. Musicals are usually a hard pass for me, but if they're done right (see: The Greatest Showman) they totally work. Jingle Jangle does this really well. It has awesome visuals. The acting and storyline are captivating and obviously it's a family-friendly movie.

The downside of this movie is that it is almost two hours long. I like a good 90 minute flick, after that it gets a little too much. And since we started this movie late we did have to shut it off and watch the conclusion in the morning (I hate doing that). So I think the movie held my attention but I did have to rest my eyes around an hour in - due to the late hour! Still, I recommend this fun movie for kids of all ages. Yes, your older kids will probably roll their eyes but will end up caught up in the story and Mrs. Huxtable's storytelling skills.

You can find both these movies on Netflix.

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