Haircuts and sweaters

Well, it's my first haircut in many moons today, since it's 2020 should I go for a pixie, maybe a mullet? What could go wrong?

Also, meet my favourite sweater this fall. I keep waiting for leopard (cheetah?) print to go out of style, every year I purge my closet and those are always the ones I definitely wish I hadn't gotten rid of you know?

This year's cheetah/leopard print find came early when I saw it at Old Navy. Then every freakin' sale they had they would label it a "best seller" so it was excluded from their % off. The nerve.

I happened to come across it in store one day at a 30% off. Like I sometimes eat all the chocolate in the house just to stop thinking about whether I should eat all the chocolate in the house, I decided to just buy the sweater rather than waiting for a grand holy "no exclusions" sale at Old Navy where I MIGHT be able to squeeze another 10% off. Now the drama: There are no Mediums on display. I walk around the display, I look at it sideways, I check undernearth, I look gently through another sweater pile. Nada. A nice young lady asks me if she can help me find anything.

"No," I sigh. "I guess everyone's a medium." Big pity poor me face. She looks around. "I am sure we can find you one." Lo and behold she sets her sights on a headless woman on a shelf 12 feet up wearing a sweater. "Oh don't worry about it," I say. Not for little old me. You're so busy. That will take at least 4 minutes of your time. She finds a ladder and starts pushing it over. Oh my god. It's not even going to be the right size. And she's going to all this trouble. Insanity.

I guess you know the ending to the story. This lovely risked her entire life climbing up a ladder for my sweater. And I freakin' love it and will never ever sell it. And it was 30% off. I was pretty grateful for myself and I know a thing or two about working a thankless front line job. Some people might think "Wow she literally did her job" but nah, she made my day. So I sent a quick note off to an old red and khaki colleague who's in the ON mix and hopefully she got some props - or at least she knew she made my day.

Anyway, so bangs?

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