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Have I mentioned that I love flawed characters? Well... Flack is full of them and I'm freakin' here for it. The show centres around the employees of a public relations firm in London who specialize in celebrities and high profile personalities.

The situations that their clients find themselves in range from slightly hilarious to sadly dark (the airplane episode left me with chills).

First up we have our main protagonist, Robyn. She's highly driven and brilliant in manipulating crisis situations. As the series begins she seems to be a tightly wound career woman. The curtain starts to come back as we realize she has had addiction issues in her past and is currently lying to her partner about more than one major thing.

In fact, Robyn is quite unlikeable. Although she appears to be a doting aunt, her toxic behaviour leads to all of her relationships completely breaking down throughout Season 1 and 2. While she does display some signs of a conscience throughout Season 1 (the end of the airplane episode comes to mind), by Season 2 she displays no hints of such, completely throwing her sweet co-worker under the bus without so much as a flinch, leading ultimately to her downfall.

Then we have this absolute QUEEN, Eve, who takes almost the opposite journey. While she started off as a cold, calculating, empty b**** (receipts here), over the two seasons we have seen the softer side of Eve, watching her fall in love (though that was thoughtlessly destroyed by you-know-who), seeing her family dynamic in action in the hen party episode, and of course seeing her relationship with Melody evolve. Then there's the scene where she breaks it off with the billionaire is simply unmatchable and I absolutely love her. Period.

I love how Season 2 brought out more character development from Eve, Caroline and our sweet Melody, all while watching Robyn go completely off the rails in heart-wrenching ways. Anna Paquin brings such layers to Robyn; watching her relive the blackout moments as they come back to her was haunting. Her panic as she realizes she is losing control of everything is palpable.


And in the final scene of Season 2, the peace on her face as she realizes she has no choice but to stop running and surrender control was just perfection.

This clever show is about strong, complicated career women and it is well-written with a supremely talented and flawless cast. The show manages to be hilarious, dark, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Please, please, please give us a Season 3.

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